flirting with a nervous breakdown

where's your will to be weird?


Driving to beat the
Weather only says I’ve seen
Better days to dead

End ways, “defeat is
A disease!” She screamed at me
Let it go or let

It be pleasing to
The eye at least, oh the lies
In me, such sights to…

Upwards and onwards.

Collected my thoughts
Forgot what I’m not and then
Just was…the whole time.

Flew south to cancun
Moved out of my moon and now
I am every…

Day and night behind
The sights are all I could find
And, now I am me.

VIBING so hard to cage the elephants new album

Damn long nights and dead
End eyes, it’s time I faced it
My times well wasted

Staring at the trees

…Sails away saying
Nothing great matters and this
Day has gone to shit

But has it really?
I’ve been working on my words,
Being what I’m worth

Sure, catastrophe
Has always been a part of
Me but here we are…

Custodial bullshit has come a calling.

I’m not much to stand
By goodbye I mean my one
Fear no trying times.

"My brains the burger and my hearts the charcoal"

Live minds cauterize
Shaky lines caught her eyes and
Here I am tonight.


Just her name became
More than I ever deserved
In any of my forms.

Can’t feel my feet, cool beans.

Working day in day
Out and up and over all
My petty old flaws.


Twilight on my right
Returning murderous hate
To the breaking day

love, love, love

coming from the dawn

leaning on sideglance shadows

and feeling so light.

busy being many things

being beginnings

and seeing many things be

come me so slowly.

bombers, ballistics, and bullshit

boston, holed up in

fear and holy terror, shit

i just want coffee.

lizard scale fetal fuck

living in own head

calling it home now but at

least hope’s not dead yet

real things and misbeliefs

life ain’t all that short

but the river that runs to

god’ll run out of shore.


there are things i don’t

remember, some i do and

wish i didn’t but

holy shit last night…

drinking like my life was in 

it, little did i 

know i was tearing

it all to ruin setting

fire to the flame

behind my eyes, high 

on riding into hell and

writing off the one


thing i love so well

god how i hate how i am

when my soul’s to sell.